A simple tool for all sorts of diagrams

Recently I had to draw some solutions architecture diagrams, and searched some good tools for diagramming. I have used Visio, long time back, nice tool, but I wanted to stick to Ubuntu and didn’t like switching back and forth. I tried Dia and Umbrello but they couldn’t really content me.

What I really digged in a nice architecture diagram is mainly its simplicity (Simple way the complex scenarios are drawn), fresh, elegant and rich look, as for a diagramming tool, it has to be simple (don’t have to be an artist) and flexible (should be able to draw new shapes if needed etc)

Sometime back I have used “Pencil” to draw some wire frames for a web app I was creating, I really liked the tool, and the final look and feel of the diagram it created. Non of the advance diagramming tools generated such a rich look and feel. So I thought of creating few custom stencils to graduate Pencil from a wire-framing tool to a full fledged multipurpose diagramming tool.

I created Three stencils to draw most of the enterprise architecture diagrams, following diagram is a sample solutions architecture diagrams I created using Pencil, and the custom stencils I created.

The stencils I have created are,

So if you are interested go ahead download the stencils, and install them in “Pencil” and if you still haven’t tried “Pencil”, I highly recommend it.

  • http://gaveen.owain.org Gaveen

    I’ve used Pencil before. And thanks for the new stencils. I’m sure people will find these useful.

  • Nuwan Bandara

    Thanks Gaveen

  • http://rajith.2rlabs.com/ rajith

    Nice tool. Looks better than dia which I normally use.

  • http://ibm.com Doug

    Thanks – that’s a nice tool for someone like me who works on Ubuntu most of the time. While I loved Visio (and programmed using the shape sheets and VBA for some time) I enjoy a tool which ‘just works’ without significant configuration.

    And being cross-platform is just a bonus!

  • Imran Raza Khan

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this its really nice, How we can add more icons from WSO2

  • nuwanbando

    You can create you own stencils and upload.

  • Ahmadi Alfauzy H

    cool and useful stencils… thanks

  • raj

    Thanks! Are you still using pencil or you found some other tool? :D

  • Christoph Höller

    Cool, thanks a lot! Can you tell me the Licence of your icons? I’m currently writing a article for a magazin and would love to use some of the computing icons in it…